Welcome. I'm Kristine, the blonde herbivore behind these recipes and wellness posts. I'm not a doctor or nutritionist (yet), but I've learned a lot about achieving optimum health over the last few years. FullSizeRender 14 (1).jpgBeing sick in my teenage years taught me that there are huge disconnects between conventional doctors and the way they approach the wellness of patients. These missing links to feeling well are ones I hope to fill as I plan to go to school for some kind of holistic wellness and nutrition after I finish up my undergrad degree in 2017.

I'm really passionate about cooking and nutrition, food is the medicine that has healed my body tremendously. I want to know where my food comes from and how to eat sustainably. The foods I include or avoid in my diet are always in flux as products of following how I feel. My yoga guide Tara Stiles' calls it, "The Make Your Own Rules Diet". In general, I roll with locality and the seasons.

I'm not a vegan, the herbivore title comes from my focus on plants and love of vegetables. Whatever my food choice, I do my best to ensure it's coming from somewhere responsible for the sake of the environment, animal, farmer, and my own nutrition.

So what's up with my body that I have to eat like this? I've had a slew of issues from crippling ovarian cysts to severe gastritis and hypoglycemia. I don't hide what's going on because I've found that by opening up it consequently helped a lot of people who were going through similar health woes.

I'm a young and busy college student, a stage of life where good nutrition isn't paramount. I got to college and my already fragile health only got worse. At my worst, I sought out an acupuncturist who changed my life. I never linked what I ate to how I felt. Thanks to her, I overhauled my diet to heal the heat and inflammation that was making me ill. I didn't believe her methods at first, but the more I took her advice the better I felt.

Food is medicine, I can't stress that enough. I'm hyper aware of where my food comes from and what it can do for me. Call this, functional food.

When it comes to food blogging, there's a lot of pressure to be an extremist in what you eat for the sake of having a concrete stance. I tried to subscribe to that when I started my original food blog (The Healthy Hypoglycemic) but it made me angsty to be labeled and I felt guilty eating things outside those guidelines when I had to. Diet subscriptions acting as status symbols just aren't my thing. If it is though, that's okay too.

No one diet is a panacea for everyone and everything, experiment with what makes you feel good. On this blog you'll find functional food recipes that are usually free of dairy, gluten, and refined sugar.

In Boston, you can find me guiding yoga classes as I became a certified Stråla Yoga Guide in July 2015. I'm the president and editorial director of Boston University's Spoon, you can check out my published work for them here.