Mashed Cauliflower

There’s a big emotional adjustment in switching how we eat. Perhaps I expected the physical adjustment that a virtually starch- and carb-free diet demands, but I couldn’t have anticipated the emotions that came. In retrospect, I more or less had to grieve the loss of food and life as I knew it. My health challenges are making me more sensitive to the struggle some experience when they try to change their health, though. Another preparatory lesson as I inch closer to having my CNTP done in two weeks.

I’m learning a ton of science to become a practitioner, but perhaps more importantly it’s fundamental for me to be an advocate and a motivational coach. Changing what you eat and how you eat takes a huge shift of energy.

Anywho, I am slowly finding joy in getting creative with non-starchy vegetables. Mashed cauliflower, while perhaps not as filling as mashed potato, is still rich and delicious. I’ve used my favorite brand of ghee from Farm True, full-fat coconut milk, and ample seasoning to give this otherwise mild vegetable a creamy mouthfeel. This recipe has me thinking about the holidays coming up… ones that might to be tough for me handle because they revolve around food. 

I’m working diligently to figure out appealing recipes for those of us who can’t have starch or carbs in their diet. Whether it’s because you’re trying the ketogenic diet to lose weight or are doing it for medical purposes, I hope some these recipes live up to their starchy, carbohydrate-laden counterparts. 


  • 1 large head of cauliflower

  • 2 tablespoons ghee

  • 1 tablespoon coconut milk

  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt

  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg


Clean the head of cauliflower and break into florets. Place florets into a steamer basket over the stove and cook for 10 minutes until fork tender.   

Once done, put florets into a food processor along with ghee, coconut milk, sea salt, and nutmeg. Process until smooth. 

Serve with additional ghee, pastured bacon, greens, or cauliflower florets.  

To further that thought on emotional adjustments, I’ve got some life updates to share for the friends and family that support me so well from afar.

I’m working to discern the line between doing things to keep myself preoccupied (so I stop thinking about my health) and being genuinely too busy. I tend to pour into work with such an intensity that I stress myself out, as a mode of distraction or not. I approached this past week with a feeling that I needed to reprioritize my work load. Health (physical and emotional) comes first, school second, nutrition practice third. If I don’t feel healthy, I can’t be present in my goals and relationships.

I spent last Sunday on edge thinking about all the possibilities of why my immune system is haywire right now. Isn’t it wild how easy it is for us to spiral over something we can’t control? I went for walks to clear my head and cried when my mom asked me over the phone how I was doing. I’ve just been exhausted. My functional M.D. gave up on my case, I’m trying to keep track of more than a dozen supplements that need to be timed throughout the day, my skin has been bleeding it’s so raw and itchy, I’m hungry but can hardly eat anything without a flare up, and I’ve had an incessant headache for months. Grateful for friends, significant other, and mom for always hearing me out when I’m an emotional wreck.

I collected myself on Monday and sought out time with the people who energize me. Reassured that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, I moved around my schedule and went about the week well supported.

The week turned into something special on Wednesday because while the search for the root cause of my immune system upregulation continues, by grace I got some new direction. I connected with a practitioner who is an MNT, just like I will be next year. We covered every inch of what’s been going on and my whole health history. She knows what she’s talking about since she too has had similar health challenges.

I had enough vials of blood drawn from my arms this past week that it left me weak and I submitted an OAT (organic acid test) that looks at what’s being metabolized in the body. While we wait for those results, this practitioner has been able to switch up some of what I’m doing in the meanwhile to support my immune system and detoxification of pathogens potentially housed in biofilms. She poured into me and became the advocate that I’ve really needed in this health challenge. She has given me more help and legitimate hope than I’ve felt in months.

I’ll have more updates to come, but wanted to share some hopeful news.