Action Steps to Disease and Injury Recovery

The recovery process is so individual, so why do doctors just shove you off with a medication or a physical therapy with a prescribed number of weeks to heal?

I want to share my testimony about movement and how to figure out what kind of movement works for your body. Movement forms can promise so many things, most of which are driven by results. Weight loss, muscle gain, leanness, toning, energy boosting, and stress-relief are results. Yet, not a single one of these results can be achieved through a method of movement alone. Movement results are multi-factorial because your body relies on nutrition, lifestyle choices, and mental wellness to make things happen.

This is why diets and exercise regiments fail a majority of the time. You’re promised results without the process being explained or supported in ways that you respond to best. We’re individuals, we have bioindividual needs to make change happen.

In this post we dive into finding a methods of healing that works best for you and how to put functional movement into practice.

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